Bumgarner & Co. Making Giant Statement

Just a pinch over a fortnight ago we all popped champagne bottles because this happened. That was fun. We should do that again sometime. I digress…

On a night dominated by the NBA Draft, something equally awesome occurred at 3rd & King for the San Francisco Giants. Fresh off of sweeping skunking the Los Angeles Dodgers in shutout fashion, Madison Bumgarner took the hill and spun a gem against a potent Cincinnati Reds lineup:

Precocious [pri-koh-shuhsadjective: unusually advanced or mature in development.

If aliens came to Planet Earth and asked me to explain who/what Madison Bumgarner is, I’d tell them that he’s precocious. Scratch that, I’d tell them that he’s a man-child. I mean seriously, I can’t come up with the right hyperbole to succinctly encompass the greatness of Bumgarner. Similar to the JFK assassination, he is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside of an enigma. He is also 22 years-old. I am 24. Embarrassment becomes me.

Shucks, Madison was dealing all night. He stayed inside the strike zone, avoided the sweet spots of Reds’ hitters’ bats and hucked a few of his signature snot rockets in the process. This Reds lineup was missing Brandon Phillips, but even so, they are a dynamic bunch who saw their offense silenced by our young phenom. Bumgarner, simply put, was brilliant. His slider was working early and his arm-slot was disguising his pitches effectively. A 1-hitter is no easy task against anyone, let alone the NL Central leading Reds.

Awhile back, my favorite Giants blogger Grant Brisbee (McCovey Chronicles) wrote a piece offering us all some understanding of the level of prodigiousness surrounding MadBum:

“…I have documents — notified documents — that suggest he’s already a really, really good pitcher. Instead, this is a way to point out how he could get even better. Maybe he’ll perfect the changeup. Maybe he’ll take a little of the hump out of his curveball.
Or maybe he’ll just continue being awesome without changing a thing. I’m still cool with that.
But it’s easy to forget that he’s still just a puppy. He’s 22! There will be a first-round pick that old this year, and he’ll start in A-ball. And if everything goes right, he’ll go up to AA the following year, maybe with a stop in AAA. And then the year after that, he might get a rotation spot. And if he has some promising starts in between typical rookie nonsense, everyone will be like, yeah, this guy is onnnnnn track, baby. All going to plan.
Bumgarner is college-age, and he’s already awesome. You never hear about his potential; it’s as if he’s a finished product. It’s an unusual dynamic for a 22-year-old, and in a good way.”

And that’s that. Case closed. Madison Bumgarner is so good that we forget how young he is. He’s younger than Clayton Kershaw! Want more? On Halloween night in 2010, Bumgarner couldn’t even buy a 40 oz at 7-Eleven. So naturally, he did this instead:

Game 4, World Series, on the road, on Halloween night, on baseball’s biggest stage, a 20 year-old kid mowed down one of the best lineups in Major League Baseball and made it look entirely too easy. I think I even saw him yawn. That last part may or may not be fabricated. You get the point. He’s the Mozart of pitching, except 6’5” and 235 LBs.

Since Matt Cain’s Perfect Game, the Giants have gained 6 games in the NL West standings. They are now behind only the Rangers and Yankees for most wins in Major League Baseball. And the cherry on top? The Giants are the 1st team to throw four consecutive shutouts since the 1995 Baltimore Orioles. That team actually threw five. Dating back to June 14th at AT&T Park, the Giants have retired 112 straight batters without yielding a single run.

It’ll be #18 on the bump tomorrow night. Your move, Matt Cain. You better throw another shutout because all the cool kids are doing it.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by EVB on June 29, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    Seriously, I bow down to your greatness. I am a fairly confident writer and do not too much let a guy in on my thinking if I truly believe he is better but you, my friend, are as good as they come. If I wasn’t trying to keep you around here @ HIB, I would tell you that you are in the wrong business. To save from losing a valuable piece of our puzzle, I’ll lie and say everything above is BS and you SUCK!!! LOL. Nice job, SJ!


  2. Posted by LuAnn on June 29, 2012 at 4:54 PM

    This is just so cool, Sean. I’m waiting to see your mug on Comcast SportsNet one of these nights…being interviewed by Baggs…


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