Keepin' it real since 1988, 
I've been unhealthily obsessed with sports ever since I can remember. 
From Palo Alto to Santa Barbara and now to Walnut Creek, the Giants, 49ers & Warriors are my religion.

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  1. I would like to add to this “Bio”. Sean made his grand entrance into this world in Castro Valley on 2/16/1988. I know, I was there and so happy to welcome my first grandchild. Sean did not get his love of sports from anyone strange. I’m proud to say those were my genes thru my son Tim. I first recognized Sean’s athletic abilities when I saw him in Silverdale, WA dribble the soccer ball thru the other team and score the goal when he was 5 years old. I’ve seen him hit a golf ball out of sight and I’m proud to say that I loved coaching him in Little League and AYSO. To watch Sean grow up with his love of sports and a great attitude has been the joy of my life. I’ve given Sean this secret saying all this life and he has complied perfectly. KYEOTB. Translation- Keep Your Eye On The Ball. GP


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