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The Best Story Going on in Sports Right Now

Everybody loves an underdog story, unless you’re a Dodgers fan. Thankfully I’m not, and I assume you’re not either. So please allow me share with you the Rolls Royce of underdog stories. You’d be surprised to hear that this anecdote is not only one of the best stories going on in sports right now but also has Bay Area roots. In fact, it all started just down the street from where I grew up in Redwood City…

Back in 1997, a freshman standing just 4’8’’ and weighing 70 pounds enrolled into Saint Francis High School (Mountain View, CA) in hopes of making the baseball team. By his senior year, this Ecksteinian young man was still only 5’5’’ but beefed up to 140 pounds. Saint Francis, always a high school baseball powerhouse, penciled the switch-hitting senior outfielder into the very bottom of the order (9th). He would finish his high school career with 1 HR and no athletic scholarships to college. You think the story ends here? Heck no.

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